33 Way Not to Screw Up Your Financial Life

Jay will show you that “by avoiding the most common financial mistakes, and individual or business can achieve a more secure and successful financial life style.” Over the past 35 years, he has identified a variety of key financial missteps and mistakes to avoid. Regardless of your age, background, education level, the state of the economy, the economic trends of today, or your current financial situation, “financial knowledge is the key ingredient for change.” If you are tired of your current lifestyle, you can change it… TODAY!

Messages From the Money Masters by Jay Kemmerer

Messages From the Money Masters

Join Jay Kemmerer, a financial expert of 35 years, as he shares the best tips he has found from 12 of the top money masters in the world. Experience the wisdom from these proven experts and insights Jay has gleaned from them, as he shares how the overcame common financial mistakes in their own businesses in order to help you become more financially savvy. Even if you’re already knowledgeable about basic economic principles and financial management, these experts can still help you steer clear of major financial mistakes almost everyone makes. 

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