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I have compiled these financial resources over that past decade with my knowledge in the financial and wealth management space. These are designed to help anyone gain control of their financial life and make the right steps towards financial freedom!


Messages From the Money Masters by Jay Kemmerer

My first book which is NOT about getting rich quickly, but about getting and staying rich wisely. This books contains tips from 12 of the top money masters in the world! Available to buy on Amazon!

33 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Financial Life

My most recent book will provide you 33 essential tips that will help you sidestep many of the undesirable mistakes most people make, again and again. Apart of the 33 Ways series with 3 other women entrepreneurs! Available to buy on Amazon!

Turbocharge your Finances

Is inflation eating into your lifestyle? In this self-written whitepaper report, Jay provides a simple inflation adjustment that you can implement now! Learn More below!

MarketWatch Monthly Videos

Monthly videos from Jay that give you insight into the current market status. Never fall out of the loop with how the markets are performing! Sign up below!

3 Minute Money Fix

The 3 Minute Money Fix is a monthly newsletter that provides you financial ideas that you can implement each month! Read each monthly email for 3 minutes to get a new view on your finances. Sign up below… it might just change your life!

Spending Plan

BUDGETS ARE FLAWED! Budgets have been around forever… but they lack one key factor when deciding where to spend YOUR money. They forget to include YOU! In the Spending Plan, you will see how allocating money to YOURSELF first, sets you up for a happier financial life!

11 Ways to Stay Sane During a Crazy Market

“Be fearful when everyone is greedy, and be greedy when everyone is fearful,” – Warren Buffet. Learn the best ways to keep your mindset under control when things around you are crazy.


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